2020-2022 Bern University of the Arts, Master Contemporary Art Practice
2018-2020 Zurich University of the Arts, Bachelor Fine Arts


BFH Transformation (upcoming)


Fabrik Season 2 group exhibitionBalterswil TG CH 
Internal Clocks.
group exhibition, Culterim Gallery, Berlin
Maximal Energy Minimal Time Fluid Academy, in BANG BANG translocal hi:stories of performance art, Museum Tinguely, Basel
INTERLACED CAP HKB Diplomfestival, Kunshaus Centre d’art Pasquart, Biel
Art Action, in Considering sound in performance art Symposium, ISBA, Besançon FR
FABRIK Season 1 group exhibition, Balterswil TG CH
ACT Performance Festival, Biel
MOZE performance night, Progr, Bern 


instant eternities solo exhibition, CabaneB, Bern
Interim group exhibition, Manegg Halle E, Zurich 
ACT Performance Festival Bern, Basel
gARTen group exhibition, Berger Villa, Sopot, Poland
HASARD3 Performance Interactive Live Stream Festival, Blue Factory, Fribourg
Diplom Redux Exhibition, Kunsthaus Glarus (cancelled)


The 12th Moon Performance Night, Allda, Zurich, Zoom
Not what it seems nor otherwise collaborative Exhibition, Zurich
Eqiunox Performance Festival, Bern
Kunst am Strom exhibition, as part of Contact Zone, Schallaburg Castle, Austria
ACT Performance Festival, Zurich, Switzerland


Body and Mind group exhibition, ZHdK, Zurich
Opening of the Sihl13 Art Space, Zurich
Stroaking landscape Klara Fricks exhibition, Merdinger Kunstforum, Merdingen, Germany
Sektor exhibition, Park Platz, Zurich
Misplaced Woman? project by Tanja Ostojic, Zurich
ACT Performance Festival, Bern, Lausanne, Geneve, Basel, Switzerland


Graphics solo exhibition, Oleandrów 3, Warsaw, Poland

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